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Batik in Laweyan Village

by / October 10, 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

Learn to make Batik in Laweyan Village in Solo , Central Java , is one of the oldest batik production centers in Indonesia since the year 1546 at the time of the Kingdom of Display . The place is also one of Solo heritage site because of local and exotic architecture attempts to preserve the traditional way of batik .Batik in Laweyan Villagemake one of the best tourist destination in Solo . Been existed in the 14th century since period Pajang Kingdom, old Laweyan was a textile trade center. Its name came from the word “Lawe”, means thread from spun cotton. Kyai Ageng Henis is a man who has the biggest contribution to the development of this village. He did not only teach religious knowledge, but also taught people the knowledge and the art of batik. Since then, the art of batik has been rapidly developed until this time. In this place there are 80 traders batik can be found in Laweyang by employing hundreds of craftsmen in boutiques and galleries .Here you can learn how to make batik try stamping method where pre- painted fabric using a pattern - made in copper stamp and dye textiles using a canting ( the pen tool - such as drawing patterns in wax batik ) . The traditional way of making batik begins by drawing a pattern on a white cloth . After that , the pattern will be addressed in accordance with lines drawn using melted wax called " first night " - step followed by dipping the fabric into the dye for coloring up . Section completed will also involve dipping the cloth , only this time in a solvent to dissolve the wax on the fabric . Tourists can freely observe the steps during their visit to the village Laweyan . Using becak ( pedicab ) , tourists can easily travel around Laweyan while admiring the authentic , rural Javanese architecture. Of course , the finished product will be available for tourists to take home as souvenirs - either they can buy batik cloth or clothing . Almost every house in the village 24 acres providing batik products to purchase .    



  The location of Batik in Laweyan Village ? Located in the south of the city of Solo. Can be reached only 10 minutes from downtown. If you are from the city of Yogyakarta by train you can get off at the station Paramex Purwosari, Solo then use by Becak ( pedicab ) to go to Laweyan. Alternative easier you can hire a car rental and driver to RENTALMOBILJOGJA.CO.ID.The travel time from Yogyakarta about 1.5 hour drive or approximately 80km. The Drivers are very know the exact location here can speak English and they can help the communication of what we want to interact with the local people Laweyan. Hope this can help additional travel information about Javanese culture.