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Gudeg Jogja

by / October 10, 2014 / Published in travel blog

Gudeg Jogja in Yogyakarta, It would not be lawful, to eat warm Jogja without event. Want to know the most delicious warm stall in the City gudeg? Here it is five stalls addictive.

1.Gudeg Yu Djum

Gudeg Jogja in Yogyakarta at Jalan Kaliurang Km 4,5 Karangasem CT III/22 Yogyakarta. Right on the porch of a modest wooden house, you will be greeted vibration of the vocal cords of a singer keroncong old. In Yogyakarta, wooden house belonging gudeg Djum Yu is the most famous place to buy warm dry. Vegetable jackfruit on gudeg Yu Djum offers a blend of sweet and savory, awful on the tongue. And, last but not least is a delicious sauce that makes heat cooking kreceknya mouth. Krecek thinly sliced ​​and cooked into a creamy sauce dry. Plus a boiled egg and areh, this warm sluuuurppp just more enjoyable. Djum legendary Yu served warm on a plate lined rattan banana leaf. The default menu consists of warm, fried sambal krecek, boiled eggs, shredded chicken, tofu, tempeh, and opportunistic chicken - breasts, thighs, or wings. A plate of warm, krecek, and boiled eggs set at Rp 10,000 to Rp 200,000, depending on the package selected. If you want extra chicken breasts, so the price is about Rp 30,000 per portion. The most expensive is kendil package contains warm, sambal goreng krecek, with a side dish of boiled eggs and a companion 10 a chicken. Warm in this kendil durable for souvenirs, lasting up to three days.

2.Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo

Gudeg Jogja in Yogyakarta at  Jalan Gajah Mada. Hours Open 10 hours until SOLD In the west corner Cinema Gem, you will find stalls Lesbian Mom owned special Pujo serve warm wet. The difference with the warm dry, warm wet usually served with coconut milk and sweetness that nyemek too moderate. Not as sweet as warm dry. Warm favorite this we stood since 1951, when the cinema boom. Customers initially warm Bu Pujo is young children who want to go to the movies now turn to warm fans who often klayapan-Malem Malem. When the old movie theater business began shuffling almost no spectators, visitors crowded stalls remain warm. Buyers alternated sitting cross-legged in gudeg Gem Bu Pujo, ranging from 21.00 to pots containing warm sold out in the early morning. The special thing of this is areh warm wet and sprinkled with chili pepper spicy kreceknya that, it feels really bite. If still not too spicy, do not hesitate to ask for additional cayenne. Problem dishes warm companion, leaves point only. There are additional side dishes ranging from sweet, marinated tofu and tempeh, boiled eggs, chicken heads, wings, claw, ati gizzard, until gising (upper thigh).

3.Gudeg Bu Hj Amad

Gudeg Jogja in Yogyakarta at  Jalan Kaliurang Kilometer 5 Karangasem, Barek, CT III Nomor 5 Mrs. Hj Amad warm stall is located in the village of Barek, north campus of the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. This warm stall her regular students and faculty because the exact position on the side of the road, facing directly the Blue Campus. Founded in 1950, the initial location of stalls Mrs Amad first above Mataram Ditch. From there emerged the nickname gudeg Mataram ditch. The target point needs to eat the porters who are building campus projects. The menu offered that time was diverse, including soup, rice Rames, and warm. However, because most of enthusiasts warm then cut Mrs Amad menu. Gudeg be a menu staple and visitors can equip santapannya with chicken, egg, gizzard, or know. Mrs Amad gudeg jogja popularity spread from mouth to mouth, even a full stall. Due to space and place are no longer sufficient then in 1998 the shop moved to its present location, which proved to be a very strategic location. Mrs Amad is served warm slightly damp, but not sebasah gudeg gem. Kreceknya not too spicy and tender chicken, yum-yum. Price gudeg which has the slogan "Famous for its taste" varies, depending on the package. If you want to take him for a souvenir, visitors can choose packaging boxes, baskets, or kendil.