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Mount Merapi

by / Oktober 10, 2014 / Published in travel blog

LAVA Tour in Mount Merapi, One of the sites visited are Region Alien Rock, a large rock which is believed ejected from the crater of Mount Merapi as far as 5 km. Entering the location, you will be greeted by a mini gate "decorated with" bones of animals among the victims, ranging from dogs, cows, goats, and buffalo. At that time, the character of the Mount Merapi eruption explosive vertical hot cloud reached a height of 7.5 km. Due to the influence of wind, heat clouds glide down and burned areas underneath within a radius of 20 km. Three years later, the area affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi have been addressed, if not fully. Many buildings are still piled debris in place. However, the most important of it all, the survivors have been occupying a new residence in the disaster relocation away from the danger zone. Slowly, residents in the area stretching Merapi economy began to rise. Residents create a variety of business initiatives that can provide income. Many of them are set up simple shop that sells snacks and drinks typical of Yogyakarta. This simple stalls to support the new attraction created pascaerupsi, one of which Mount Merapi Lava Travel or also known as Lava Tour that offers activities like off-road experience. Travelers can explore the former locations of hot clouds swept by riding a jeep driven by a guide. There is compassion see houses that are victims of Mount Merapi eruption. Moreover, try to imagine the moments when the eruption occurred and hot clouds sliding down. Cloud temperature of 400 ° C wiping out villages below. Stone Named Alien because local people regard it resembles the shape of the stone face of an alien. "It's the eyes, nose, and ears," said one resident, pointing toward the stone basin. When viewed from a certain angle, the stone is a bit like the shape of "aliens" that we often see on television. But not a few visitors who fail to see the appearance of aliens on the rocks. After visited the "aliens", the guide invites passengers to taste wedang papaya, typical drink slopes of Mount Merapi. Although the air as it was quite hot, the drinks are a refreshing taste. Warm, but not hot as ginger. Wedang made from steeping of clove, cinnamon, brown sugar, pandanus, and banana kepok diced. Tour duration ranged from 90-180 minutes, depending on the type of package and the route chosen. There are three tour packages that can be chosen by travelers. Standard package 90 minutes with the distance 18 km and through the slopes of Mount Merapi, Kali Kuning, Kali Opaque, Gendol, and Kali Adem village. This package tour cost of Rp 250,000. Package medium duration 120 minutes, plus trace the route will Bronggang, Argomulyo, which is the location Gendol already dredged sand, then through temporary shelter residents who are victims of Merapi eruption. It costs Rp 350,000. While the package is much that lasted about 180 minutes, will be added a visit to the tomb of Mbah Maridjan in Srunen, Glagaharjo. To enjoy this package, travelers must spend Rp 500,000. The fee is calculated per car, not per person. The jeep can be boarded by 4-5 persons including driver / guide. If interested in one of its service providers are Mount Merapi Jeep Tour. They also provide special packages and Tour Sunrise Tour Merapi Merapi Night. Good luck and enjoy the thrill of adventure in Hawaii, safe for children and perfect for your family vacation.