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by / Oktober 10, 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

Sunset at Boko Temple at Location Ratu Boko temple not far from Prambanan Temple. The address at Jalan Solo kilometer 17, Bokoharjo village, Prambanan sub-district, Sleman regency. From the T-junction turn right and Prambanan approximately three miles away is the Ratu Boko temple complex. Being on top of a Thousand Hills with a height of approximately 200 meters above sea level, it is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset. And, not only a beautiful sunset here but also a masterpiece of Rakai Pikatan the Prambanan temple with the background of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu which looks magnificent and beautiful. Half of the city of Yogyakarta was also evident from the petilasan. At four in the afternoon, I arrived at petilasan Ratu Boko temple. After paying the entrance fee of Rp 27,000 to get a bottle of mineral water and parking ticket plus motorcycles, showed security officers and escorted me to the spot photographing the sunset. Spot in the form of a vast meadow behind the gate . Apparently such security also serves as a guide. While preparing for combat equipment, the cameras and supporting equipment, I listened to the story of the unfolded by security earlier. Ratu Boko Temple is the remnants of the grandeur of the palace which was built between the years 746 and 784 by Rakai Penakaran, a descendant of the king during the Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram. Before becoming a palace, a magnificent petilasan with an area of ​​nearly 2.5 acres it is a temple, where Rakai penakaran retreat from the bustle of the world. Decades later, between 856 and 863, Rakai Penangkaran turn the place into a palace complete with a defense facility. Wrist watches in my show at 17:00. The pasture area was already gathered some photographers with complete equipment for aiming the sun sinks. Travelers who happens not to leave the place seemed enthusiastic photographing the moment. There is also a pair of brides who seemed eager to immortalize pre-wedding photos with background petilasan magnificent. At 17:15, the sun started to go down closer to the horizon. Several times I had to switch positions for the sake of a beautiful viewpoint. With a sense of joy mixed with panic, I started taking photos. I peeked out of the camera's viewfinder while lowering the shutter speed, set the aperture number, as well ngepasin ISO number to obtain gate petilasan silhouette and accentuate lines sunlight. I want dark shadows and sunlight archway visible contrast. Dozens of times I snapped with the camera. Tinge of black clouds appeared in the sky. Petilasan gate silhouette, sun whole round, and orange hue that lights up, really beautiful blend of sunset at Ratu Boko temple complex. At 17:35, a perfect sunset over the horizon. Beautiful and romantic sunset over, night was approaching. It's finished, how excited is because the liver is so beautiful watching the moment. Rakai Penangkaran was not mistaken for a getaway, far apart from the crowd is also very beautiful panorama.