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Sukuh Temple

by / Oktober 10, 2014 / Published in travel blog

The Exotic of Sukuh Temple shaped Piramind on the slopes this Lawu, believed to be the place for a virginity test. What are the highlights in this story and the mystery behind Sukuh temple? Sukuh temple precisely located in Sukuh the hamlet, village Berjo, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java location of this temple stands majestically since the days of the Majapahit kingdom. The temple was discovered by archaeologists during the reign of Governor Sir Thomas Raffles in 1815. At Sukuh found in a state of decay. Many statues were destroyed, even a large phallus statues split into two parts. Raffles concluded that the destruction was carried out by the followers of Islam in the 16th century, based on the same pattern of damage in the areas that became the point spread of Islam. In the 15th century was a time of emergence of Islam and the Majapahit Empire started to decline which led to further reduction in the Hindu religion in Java. But at that moment, the ruler of Majapahit establish Sukuh temple in Lawu feet, which is considered a sacred place to worship the spirits of ancestors and as a symbol of fertility. So do not be surprised if in Sukuh temple found much relief Linga and Yoni, a symbol of male and female genitalia. Unlike most other Hindu temples, Sukuh temple not facing the rising sun, but facing to the west. In addition, the shape of the building is also different. You could say that building Sukuh temple glance similar to the Mayan buildings in South America that is more similar to the truncated pyramid surrounded by monoliths and large statues. Building form Sukuh temple more like a trapezoid with three storey terraces with one rung in the middle of the front side of the temple. This form is expected to be made due to the decreasing influence of the Hindu religion, which led to the temple makers to re-use design with a pattern of animism. Upon entering Sukuh temple, clearly visible reliefs depicting human being intercourse, genital shape men and women with depictions of Linga and Yoni. But do not think dirty first, it forms a symbol to eliminate or cure any dirtiness in the human heart. In addition to the temple, in Sukuh temple can also be found various reliefs, such as the Milky relief that forges a dagger with Ganesha and Arjuna. Then there is the relief of the Goddess Kala who wants to turn into a giant that preys Sahadev are in a bound state. In addition, there are several eagle-shaped statue is large enough, as well as some statue with the form of the man who was holding (sorry) genitals. On the northern side the entrance gate there is a relief Sukuh temple giant snakes bite. Relief is an emblem of sengkalan memet (emblem year of manufacture) that in 1359 Saka or 1437 AD. That year is considered as the year of completion of manufacture Sukuh temple. Meanwhile, on the south side there is a relief of human eating giants, which is also a refutation memet the same meaning as the north side of the gate. Next there is the Maya pyramid-like in Mexico that is equally make you curious. Well, in part it is believed the existence of a unique myth. According to the guide, this place is to test the virginity myth. There is a narrow staircase that is decorated with green moss stuck to the top. It is said that women past the staircase is then ripped his shirt, meant she was not a virgin anymore. If you think logically, how not torn, just a narrow path once. Actually it's only staircase takes you up to the highest court of the temple. If there were not vacationers, Sukuh temple atmosphere is very quiet and the atmosphere is more exotic. Plus the cool air and fog add to the typical sacred atmosphere kesyahduan Sukuh temple. Admission Attraction Rp 3,000 course you satisfied menikamati natural beauty around the temple and find out the uniqueness of each corner of the temple area. But do not dare desperate to come there in the daytime. You would not settle for the roads to all areas of the temple, because the fog quickly down and cover this historic temple district. To achieve Sukuh temple, you can use the Solo lane, the bus ride Solo-Tawangmangu majors. Before arriving at Terminal Tawangmangu, get off at Terminal Pandan and boarded the bus or public transportation to the intersection Nglorog. Once there, Sukuh can be reached by riding a motorcycle taxi - the only vehicle heading Sukuh because the road is quite steep and steep with the left and right form your jurang.Apabila of Yogyakarta, you should use the Car Rental in RENTALMOBILJOGJA.CO.ID because not umun no direct transport to the temple Sukuh. Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this Ecotic of Sukuh Temple.