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Travel to Yogyakarta

by / Oktober 10, 2014 / Published in travel blog

How Get Lowest Cost Travel to Yogyakarta ? And It took until the holidays are not a drain bag Travel to Yogyakarta. Here are the steps that you are getting the 'best price' and lightly in the bag. Transportation . To be able to transport packages to Yogyakarta, go during the holiday season ends. Flight tickets to Yogyakarta will be riding high in the summer school holidays, the Eid holidays, festivals, and year-end holidays. If you want to fly cheap, you should avoid these months. Flight tickets Travel to Yogyakarta tends to fall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Meanwhile Monday, the price tends to rise because it is popular due to the many business travelers are traveling. Avoid booking on the day. Another way is to save on transportation costs of flying with a budget airline. Several budget airlines fly to these Adisucipto Airport include Air Asia, Lion Air and Citilink. For comparison which airlines are offering cheaper prices. If you are traveling with your family and your friends for 2-10 people should look for a car rental. Browsing on the Internet for car rental in Yogyakarta awful lot depends Jening used car, including / not including driver and gasoline. Learn it sekasama condition. We recommend a car rental in RENTALMOBILJOGJA.CO.ID they have many kinds of cars according to your budget and at a low price. Specialty order frugal, travelers need to be smart to choose the area to stay. The area is too far from the city center will add to the cost of transportation for a vacation. The area is famous for its hotels and cheap lodging below Rp 100 thousand per night spread Prawirotaman (5 kilometers from the city center), Sosrowijayan (Malioboro), Sosrokusuman (next to Malioboro Mall), and around Yogyakarta Palace. Roving. way around town is cheap ride mass transit TransJogja. The ticket is Rp 3,000 for one way. Haltenya spread some strategic spots, such as Malioboro, the Tugu Yogyakarta, Taman Sari, Smart Park, Town Square of Yogyakarta, Beringharjo, and Plaza Ambarukmo.    



  Which is cheap also rent bicycles. Moreover, Travel to Yogyakarta is equipped also with a bike route. Price per 12-hour bicycle rental ranging from Rp 50,000 to Rp 75,000 types ontel up for this type of folding bicycles and bicycle fixie. If you want a cheaper again, yes on foot. Travel to Yogyakarta is a tourist friendly city, tourist attractiveness easy to reach on foot. Walking routes a cheap and fun can be started from Jalan Tugu Station to the South Square. The route will pass through attractions include Jalan Malioboro, Pasar Beringharjo, Benteng Vredeburg, Alun-Alun, Museum Sono Budoyo, Masjid Besar, Museum Kareta Keraton, Keraton Yogyakarta, Pasar Burung, dan Taman Sari. Culinary. gudeg City is famous for the culinary selection that is open from morning till dawn. Warm wet scattered along the Wijilan (central warm) near the palace or in Jalan Malioboro, the price is under $ 10 thousand per serving. If you want sego pecel, try going to Beringharjo area. Want to have dinner? Travel to Yogyakarta recognize this famous concept, the designation for the booth open from evening until 3am in the morning. The menu offered include rice cat, misbegotten fuel, and various fried. Side dishes also stay selected, no intestines satay, quail egg satay, chicken claw, innards satay, satay snail, clam satay, and satay snails. As the body warmers, this famous shop used to sell hot beverages consisting of ginger, orange warm, bandrek, and coffee joss. One famous place is quite famous as a hangout residents of Yogyakarta is Angkringan Lik Man Tugu Station to the north. While the package is much that lasted about 180 minutes, will be added a visit to the tomb of Mbah Maridjan in Srunen, Glagaharjo. To enjoy this package, travelers must spend Rp 500,000. The fee is calculated per car, not per person. The jeep can be boarded by 4-5 persons including driver / guide. Shopping. bargain shopping paradise, that's the name that is commonly stuck in Malioboro area. In these places a piece of t-shirts emblazoned bid tourist attractions of Yogyakarta for Rp 25,000. Malioboro is the lowest point in Beringharjo, travelers can earn handicrafts, batik cloth, and various accessories half price hawkers in Malioboro overhang. Shopping in the village of batik Batik in Ngasem, Central silversmithing and Shopping By-by Bakpia in the area Pathuk Hopefully this article useful for you and can be as a traveling guide you in Yogyakarta.