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by / Oktober 10, 2014 / Published in travel blog

Yogyakarta, it a city of experiences and first times, at least for some people. It is a city of encounters so uniquely our own that it almost feels like we customize the city. This is how I discover my very own customized, fit to personal taste, Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has already been widely known for its hospitality, warmth and vibrant culture. Spend more time in the region and you will also be able to experience its breathtalking landscape starting from early morning greeting from the beautiful view of Mount Merapi to the splendid beaches including the ever famous Parangtritis beach. Enjoy the city further and you will develop a taste for sweet foods; a local palate that will take you to back the days when people still utilized pottery to cook. Different from what some people are experiencing, my first encounter with the city was with its public transportation. Years gone by and now Yogyakarta has grown into Book Tourism City. But all city development aside, my first experience told me that we can get almost everthing in Yogyakarta and feel safe in its city bus. I missed the book store selling the book that I was looking for and all I had to do was sit camly in the bus waiting for it to return to the departing spot and took me the place I aimed. And that was before the era of TransJogja. Until now, and especially today with the availability of TransJogja transport, it is always nice and safe explore the city by bus. Sometimes I was hire car rental service when would be explored also the new tourist destination far from Yogyakarta. My second experiences in the city was attending public lecture given by internationally acclaimed thinker in postcolonial and subaltern theories, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. It was a life changing expererience. Never in my wildest dream have I ever think of meeting such as Professor Spivak. Coming from a small town in Northern Coast of Central Java, I used to believe that such access only available for those lucky enough to go to school abroad. However, Yogyakarta proves me wrong. Now, in my fourh year of living conferences and seminars, including and working in several of those events and most importantly meeting many international scholars and intellectuals. Yogyakarta really lives up to its slogan as the city of knowledge, the city of students.



The other first time of mine include “owning” your own jogging track. Have you ever dream of living in a neightborhood where every morning a palace or a fortress greets you while you are jogging? I am heaving the best of luck of being to live in Rotowijayan a Batik shopping area near the palace and Malioboro. Many Batik Store in Rotowijayan with reasonable prices and fine quality of Batik : Batik Rumah, Tirtonoto Batik, Benteng Batik and many store in there. Instead of exhausting my monthly budget shopping, I choose to enjoy the place that I live by getting up every morning, put on running shoes and enjoying the luxury of feeling the rare tranquility of Malioboro and the beauty of sunrise seen from the palace while jogging. These are my customized Yogyakarta, the place where I educate my self while making a living and doing some sport. What about yours ?